Welcome to another year!!!  Another chance to life your best life, another chance to make a difference…ANOTHER CHANCE!

What will you do with your “another chance” this year?  I wanted to take a moment to connect with you personally as we start 2019 off together and embark on a new journey.  As this year began I found myself coming out of a family trauma that left a great impact on my spirit and the way I move.  I realized that this thing called life is real.  Oh of course I’ve always known it was real, but I had never interacted with “life” this way.  For full transparency…I spent the last 2 weeks of my aunt’s life by her side and held her hand as she took her last breath.  Over that period I cared for her, talked with her and sang with her until she could no longer.  Within an instance, a breath I witnessed the transition of life.  It was surreal.  It was life changing.

The loss of my aunt made me wake all the way up.  It made me question every thing and person that was in my life.  It made me tremendously grateful for the ability to open my eyes every morning to another day, another chance.  So I asked myself, “Lauren, what will you do with your another chance”…Well, I am committed to doing more of what matters and being with those people who matter.  I want to create real relationships and connect with my community.  Part of this realization and commitment has led to the writing of this blog entry.  I want to connect with you beyond the newsletter and social media posts.  I want to share raw experiences with you and engage in your lives.  I want you to be a part of my life.  So, here on this page you will start to see ME.  My voice, my words.  You will really get to know me and share in my interactions in my world.  I look forward to sharing with you and connecting with you.  I encourage you to pause for a moment and ask yourself “What will you do with your “another chance” this year”…Live Big!