Happy 2017!!  It’s time to get fit and eat clean!!  Welcome to the all-new Body by Buckner website, your starting point to the next level on your fitness journey.  Serving the DC area, owner and instructor Lauren Buckner brings a unique blend of instruction and inspiration to her classes, making transforming your body an attainable goal, not just a dream.

On this site, you’ll learn more about Lauren’s training styles and techniques.  We will share information on healthy eating, mental health and self-care.  Here is where we will nourish, nurture and train the entire body…from the inside out.

This website is the perfect place to sign up for classes and events, with pricing information and details about each workout and event.  You will also find all the links to follow Lauren on social media. Be sure to check out her Instagram page for fitness tips, motivation, and short exercise videos.  Keep up with the latest fitness and health trends in our News section. When Lauren offers any new classes, you will hear about them right here.

Our hope is that you’ll find enough information on this site to inspire you to take charge of your life and start a new way of life with Body by Buckner! Look around, see everything Lauren has to offer, and make that change!  LET’S WORK!