Push UpSpring has sprung and if you are looking for basic fundamental exercises to spruce up your routine, Body By Buckner with Lauren can help. Incorporating the basic fundamental exercises into your workout will help you stay motivated and get fit.

Knowing the basic fundamental exercises will strengthen and tone your body, and get you prepared for more intense weight training or exercise. Below are four exercises that Body By Buckner with Lauren recommends to get your body back into shape this spring.

Push-ups-A pushup is an exercise that starts with a person prone on the floor. Keeping a straight back, the body is raised and lowered with the hands and the arms. When attempting pushups, it is important that your shoulders and hips line up with your arms to give you the best position. Pushups help build core strength and upper body strength. Your neck, back, triceps, shoulders, arms, and chest work together to help you become strong and fit.

basic fundamental exercises

Squats-Squats are one of the best basic fundamental exercises as they help train your core and lower body. The body resistant exercise helps target the hamstring muscles and your quadriceps. When done on a regular basis, squats will help define your buttocks and thighs, best of all; squats can help improve your posture, circulation and your digestion. This low impact exercise is something that everyone can do.

basic fundamental exercises

Lunges-Another basic fundamental exercise that you can do anywhere; lunges are performed with one leg positioned forward with your knee bent and your foot lying flat while your other leg is behind. Lunges are used for cross training and are one of the best basic fundamental exercises for your lower body. Lunges work your quadriceps, your hamstrings, and your gluteus maximus muscles.


Plank-Done in a press up position, the plank is one of the best basic fundamental exercises for your core, back and your abs, however, the plank also works well for your hamstrings and your gluteus maximus muscles and can improve your balance. The plank is done with your body in a straight line from your ankles to your shoulders in a prone position. It is important to engage the core by sucking in your belly button directly into your spine while holding the position for as long as possible.

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