Recharging your batteries with quiet time, short trips, mediation, gym workouts, and yoga class will help you feel better about yourself.

These days it seems as if everyone is on the go, which can cause stress. Stress can cause physical and mental problems, but thankfully, there are some ways to beat the exhaustion while recharging your batteries so that you will not sweat the small stuff.

According to Body By Buckner, recharging your batteries is easy when you follow these simple tips.

1. Spend an afternoon away from technology. Ditch the computer and the phone
2. Get out and enjoy nature, as there is nothing more refreshing than the great outdoors
3. Draw a picture, grab a coloring book, or do something you did when you were a child
4. Try something completely different. Try a new dish or go on a tandem skydiving adventure
5. Clear the clutter. Energy feeds off environment. Clean your closets and donate to a local thrift store, as clearing the clutter will make you feel refreshed and renewed
6. Plan your next vacation as it will give you something to look forward to
7. Leave your phone at home or turn it off when enjoying a meal with friends
8. Try mediation. Meditating can help you relax when recharging your batteries
9. Take a bath using essential oils and light those candles. A hot bath relaxes and renews at the same time
10. Plant flowers or a garden. You will be recharged on a regular basis and you will save money
11. Start a bucket list
12. Rearrange your furniture, as a new environment will help you see things in a whole new light
13. Have a massage
14. Spend the afternoon at a day spa
15. Create something. Sew, knit, paint or sculp. Working on something that you love or doing something that you haven’t done in awhile will recharge your batteries.
16. Create a playlist with your favorite tunes. Play them while on the way to work or at home
17. Take a power nap
18. Plan a night out with your partner
19. Drink smoothies or green juice during that afternoon slump
20. Have lunch outside
21. Exercise for 30 minutes every day as regular exercise releases endorphins, increases your circulation and think more clearly

Recharging your batteries is something that you should practice every day, as it will become a habit. So what are you waiting for? Haven’t you always wanted an herb garden?