exercise burnout

If you are bored and unmotivated, you could be suffering from exercise burnout. Exercise burnout happens when you use any excuse to skip your workouts whether it is work, stress, family or the weather. If you are neglecting your workouts, it’s time for a change.

Below are some tips from Lauren Buckner from Body By Buckner that may help you get back on track and out of that slump.

Switch it Up

If you are doing the same exercise day after day, you are bound to have exercise burnout at one time or another. Lauren recommends that you switch it up. Add swimming, walking, or cycling to your aerobic workout. If you work out at a gym, switch the machines.

Go Easy at First

Exercise that begins intensely will usually burn out fast. If you are just starting out, try a couple of twenty or thirty minute workout sessions every week and build your exercise plan from there. If your routine equates to pain and exhaustion, you may not want to continue. Switch around your workout routine and give yourself some new challenges. A simple change every week can help you avoid exercise burnout.

Take some Classes

If you workout solo you may want to consider a personal trainer or some classes. Lauren from Body By Buckner can help you boost your routine so that you will never suffer from exercise burnout. If you have never taken a class, consider Yoga, Tai Chi, or Pilates.

Play that Funky Music

Music gets you moving. Even those most boring exercise routines will seem fresh and new when you add some new music to your mobile device. Put on those headphones and crank it up and you will be well on your way to avoiding exercise burnout.

Reward Yourself

If your exercise routine is lacking or losing steam, give yourself a reward or two. Promise yourself that you will work out regularly and go to a movie, buy a new outfit or treat yourself to lunch or dinner. If you hit a major exercise milestone, reward yourself with a massage.

If you want to avoid exercise burnout, call or click and schedule an appointment with Lauren from Body By Buckner today.