This month we are doubling down on the importance of health and wellness in the lives of busy women.  Everyday millions of women engage in activities to help their families and friends and to build careers and sustainable lives.  But how often do busy women take time for themselves?  How often do busy women acknowledge their needs and wants?  I can tell you that the answer is very seldom.  I work with busy women on a daily, coaching them to create a new version of what their lives can look like and most importantly helping them to tap into their own feelings, desires, insecurities, weaknesses and strengths.  I’ve learned that most women really aren’t chasing the perfect body or food plan….what they really want is to feel happy and in control.  In control of their body, in control of their time and in control of their lives.

This month we are holding a special in-person workout for moms to celebrate them and to connect them to a supportive community.  We are also hosting a FREE virtual wellness workshop to teach women about the best exercises for their goals, introduce nutrition tips and map out a self-care plan.  You’ll also want to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily wellness tips that you can easily incorporate into your life.  If you haven’t subscribed to our email list, you’ll want to do this immediately.  Every week I send out freebies and more tips to help busy women crush their wellness goals.

Check out our calendar on the Classes and Events page for a complete listing of May classes and programming and to register.