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Body by Buckner specializes in small group indoor and outdoor fitness classes in the DC area. Classes focus on total body workouts to challenge your cardio levels and sculpt your body. Classes are open to all fitness levels.

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“Lauren’s enthusiasm is contagious. Her workout routines are thorough and complex, and she pushes her clients past their comfort zones. I leave her classes feeling proud and accomplished…and always a little sore.”

Alexsis Blakely

Washington, DC

“Lauren’s workouts are built for every body. They are energizing, intensive, and the customized sessions that produce results. Lauren is an amazing coach, a motivator-in-chief, and she will help you achieve your goals. Put in the work with BBB, and you will see and feel a transformation in mind, body, and wellness.”

Kelly Peterson

Brooklyn, NY

Lauren is very precise and responsive to each of her client’s
needs. She motivates and encourages you, while gently pushing you to push
through your goals. It’s not about getting through each set for her, but
rather, paying attention to her clients’ goals and fitness needs.

Ms. Udunopa Blanche Abalu

Washington, DC

“I want to thank Body by Buckner for not only making me a healthier man, but for also making me a happier and more energetic man.  I often ask myself who is going to motivate the motivator!!  Well I found out who…(Lauren) Body by Buckner!  Thank you!

Aaron Green

Washington, DC

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Stay on Track during the Holidays

Stay on Track during the Holidays

If you want to stay on track during the holidays there are some things you can do. Everyone tends to slow down during the holidays. Workouts may become less routine as the holiday parties start filling your already busy schedule. However, there are some things you can...

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Gratitude Graffiti

Gratitude Graffiti

IT’S GIRL TIME AGAIN!!! Grab your little ladies and join me for a light workout and gratitude inspired art project. Think about what you are grateful for and bring your gratitude to life in an artful way with graffiti bubble letters!

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