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Body by Buckner is a boutique fitness studio where we specialize in customized, small group fitness classes.  Conveniently located on Pennsylvania Ave SE in Washington, DC, we offer a multifaceted training program that challenges the entire body.  This wholistic approach is critical for achieving a fit body that performs well in your daily life.  Just doing one type of workout won’t address all of our body’s needs…that’s why our programming – Balance, Blend, Build – focuses on providing the right mix of workouts weekly.

Each week we start with Balance which is our yoga class that prepares our bodies for the week. This class helps with balance, flexibility and breathing which are techniques we take into class two…Blend. This yoga fusion class gets our heart rates up which is great for heart health and burning calories. Class three is Build, yep, we’ve built up to it…a HIIT class that builds strength and muscle which helps to burn fat and torch calories. Drop in for any class or take all classes for a complete fitness program.

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“Lauren’s enthusiasm is contagious. Her workout routines are thorough and complex, and she pushes her clients past their comfort zones. I leave her classes feeling proud and accomplished… and always a little sore.”
Alexsis Blakely

Washington, DC

” Lauren is very precise and responsive to each of her client’s needs. She motivates and encourages you, while gently pushing you to push through your goals. It’s not about getting through each set for her, but rather, paying attention to her clients’ goals and fitness needs.“
Ms. Udunopa Blanche Abalu

Washington, DC

“Lauren’s workouts are built for every body. They are energizing, intensive, and the customized sessions that produce results. Lauren is an amazing coach, a motivator-in-chief, and she will help you achieve your goals. Put in the work with BBB, and you will see and feel a transformation in mind, body, and wellness.”
Kelly Peterson

Brooklyn, NY

“I want to thank Body by Buckner for not only making me a healthier man, but for also making me a happier and more energetic man. I often ask myself who is going to motivate the motivator!! Well I found out who…(Lauren) Body by Buckner! Thank you!“
Aaron Green

Washington, DC

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In light of the recent COVID-19 situation around the world, this is an unprecedented time for everyone.  We are all making adjustments to stay healthy.  Your fitness and movement should not stop.  We are committed to continuing our fitness classes and have moved our classes online.  We hope that you will join us for these LIVE online classes. All...

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New You $250 Challenge

New You $250 Challenge

2020 is here and it’s time to make sure that we are ready for the new year and new decade!  Body by Buckner is having a client wellness contest to lead you into the New Year. It is called the New You Challenge!  We challenge YOU to use our top wellness products, NutraBurst, Iaso Tea, NRG, Resolution Drops or Protein Powder and our home fitness videos to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

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