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Coaching Program

My 12-week coaching program shows overwhelmed women how to lose weight and tone their bodies in 90 days so they feel happy and in control.  My program works because it blends self-care with my signature fusion training styles.

This is different from any other program because I coach women from the inside out, focusing first on developing a positive mindset and creating mental space before combining my customized workouts.  This allows women to tap into those “feel good” signals and to overcome barriers to start and maintain a new exercise regime and allows me to assist them with creating new healthy habits.  Many women I work with are stressed and generally have a less than positive attitude when it comes to working out.  They also engage in unhealthy, sabotaging behaviors, which combined with a stressed, negative mind creates the biggest barriers to their weight loss success.  I’ve helped so many busy, overwhelmed women lose weight, keep it off and prioritize themselves using this technique.

The 3 Pillars Of Sustainable Weight Loss and Sustainability

There are 3 critical elements to my program that give long-lasting, sustainable results for busy, overwhelmed woman:

1. Get Clarity & Create a Plan

You need to first clearly identify your long-term goals so that you can create a fitness plan. In the fitness plan we break the long-term goals down into small, achievable short term goals. The fitness plan helps you stay on track and serves as your blueprint, no guessing, and it holds you accountable to the steps/instructions you set for yourself. Having the fitness plan and achievable steps will help motivate you to hit your goals.

2. Prioritize Self-Care

Next you need to commit/prioritize self-care time. In my program you will have regular self-care check-ins and activities that help you honor yourself, improve your inner strength and provide mental clarity. You will be able to reduce your stress levels and energize your body to reap the benefits of your fitness plan. The concept of self-care has been essential to the results women get with my program because it becomes their internal compass and guides them towards things that are good for them.

3. Do What You Can Sustain

Third you must be 100% open to diversity and having fun! Success in my program is contingent on you finding an exercise style(s) that you can sustain and in order to do this you must be open to fully engaging in a wide range of activities. Exploration of diverse training styles and techniques gives you the opportunity to find the exercise style that you enjoy, which means you will be more likely to stick to it and push on the days where you want to skip out.

With my program you will drop fat, increase your tone and definition and feel so HAPPY and in CONTROL. Let’s talk today. Schedule a free 30 minute chat with me. You should do it now because YOU are worth it!!

What Clients Are Saying...

“Lauren’s enthusiasm is contagious. Her workout routines are thorough and complex, and she pushes her clients past their comfort zones. I leave her classes feeling proud and accomplished… and always a little sore.”

Alexsis Blakely

Washington, DC

"Lauren's workouts are built for every body. They are energizing, intensive, and the customized sessions that produce results. Lauren is an amazing coach, a motivator-in-chief, and she will help you achieve your goals. Put in the work with BBB, and you will see and feel a transformation in mind, body, and wellness."

Kelly Peterson

Brooklyn, NY

" Lauren is very precise and responsive to each of her client’s needs. She motivates and encourages you, while gently pushing you to push through your goals. It’s not about getting through each set for her, but rather, paying attention to her clients’ goals and fitness needs.“

Ms. Udunopa Blanche Abalu

Washington, DC

“I want to thank Body by Buckner for not only making me a healthier man, but for also making me a happier and more energetic man. I often ask myself who is going to motivate the motivator!! Well I found out who…(Lauren) Body by Buckner! Thank you!“

Aaron Green

Washington, DC

“I feel motivated to keep up an active lifestyle at my pace and to make choices in my diet that serve my goals. When I started, I was unmotivated and felt unclear on how to arrive at my goals.“

“Your capacity to navigate conversations, address the emotional part of what training does, your willingness to stray from the prescribed plan for the day to meet my needs was invaluable.  I am so glad to have worked with you.”

I feel great. It helped me get consistent with working out again.”

“This 15 minute workout is just what I needed. I'm able to manage both of my businesses and squeeze in a workout to look Amazing. THANK YOU LAUREN!”