Body By Buckner
Participant Release & Waiver

In signing below, I represent and agree as follows:

I have been examined by a licensed physician and have been found to be in good physical health and fully able to perform the exercises and classes offered by Body By Buckner.  I understand that my participation in the practice of any strenuous exercise can place me at risk for death, or temporary or permanent injury.  I agree to assume all risks attendant to my participation.  I, my heirs, or legal representatives will not hold Body By Buckner, its officers, directors, owners, shareholders, partners, instructors, employees, or agents, responsible for any injuries suffered by me.   

I understand that I may be engaging in strenuous physical exercise.  I further understand that these exercises may include, but not be limited to kneeling, standing, stretching, bending, jumping, squatting, lunging, and lifting weights.  I understand that I am to participate in a safe manner and that I am responsible to self-monitor my condition at all times.

Any recommendation made by Body By Buckner for changes to my diet or meal suggestions are my responsibility and I acknowledge that I should consult a physician prior to undergoing any dietary or food supplement changes.  I understand that Body By Buckner cannot guarantee the results of any class or program offered by it.

I certify that I am at least 16 years old and am able to participate in the exercises offered. Children under 16 years old can only participate in programs offered by Body By Buckner with the written consent of their parent or guardian.

The fees paid to Body By Buckner are non-refundable as a matter of right; such refunds, if any, shall be entirely within the sole discretion of Body By Buckner.

I agree that if I bring any personal property to any facility or location where Body By Buckner holds classes, and I store or leave any personal property at that facility or location, that I do so at my own risk and that none of the releases have any liability in the event of loss, damage, unauthorized use theft, or injury resulting from the personal property.

I grant Body By Buckner, including its employees or agents, permission to obtain audio, video, or photographs of me.  Such audio, video, or photographs, may be made available for Body By Buckner’s promotional and marketing use, including but not limited to social media marketing, with no remuneration or royalties due to me.

If any provision of this General Release shall ever be held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect and the parties will amend the agreement to give effect to the stricken clause to the maximum extent possible.

The Participant agrees that the laws of the District of Columbia shall govern this Release & Waiver.  Participant agrees to submit to personal jurisdiction in the District of Columbia. Participant agrees that venue shall be proper and exclusive in the District of Columbia for any claim arising from this Waiver & Release.

I have read the above Waiver & Release of liability and fully understand its contents.  I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above and acknowledge that failure to agree to the terms and conditions above would result in revocation or denial of my participation in any class or program.

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